A Top Notch Business Messaging System

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Messengers have become one of the key tools of modern communication. To communicate with family, friends and colleagues, we usually use several popular applications at once. However, not all of them are convenient for professional communication, when other characteristics come to the fore. In the business environment, highly specialized instant messengers are gaining more and more popularity.

Each company, no matter whether it employs 10 or 1000 people, is faced with the question: “Which corporate messenger should I use?” After all, ideally, he should combine all internal and external communications into one space.

What is a corporate messenger?

Corporate messengers solve the issue of employee communication within the company, and also liaises with customers, contractors and partners. This can be a program or an application that allows you to instantly exchange messages.

In the gadget of modern man, as a rule, several applications are installed at once, which help to always remain “online”. However, when communication is related to professional activities, it turns out that ordinary messengers do not fully possess the necessary functions that make business communication more productive. As a result, specialized services are becoming more widespread.

The main advantage of instant messengers for working communications is the ability to stay in touch with colleagues, even working outside the office. Popular services allow you to make calls for a long time, but are limited by the fact that both interlocutors must have identical applications and contact information of each other. Tools sharpened for business solve this problem in different ways. But many are united by the ability to automatically download and maintain an up-to-date database of employees. Thus, there is no need to enter data manually, and also to monitor whether someone has quit or if a new employee has come. When calling, information about the employee and his photo are displayed.

Given the dynamism of modern realities and the tight schedule of colleagues, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best time for everyone to conduct business meetings. Business messengers allow you to create chats and conferences with a large number of participants. Communication in them is as safe as possible, as in working applications there are no casual contacts and communications are completely closed from the external environment - access can be obtained only with a corporate account.

Corporate messengers boomed on the market relatively recently, and their popularity much “thanks” to the Coronavirus pandemic. One of the most suitable instant messengers for business is dSTAR iCommunicator. It allows you to work in teams, and organize group audio and video conferences. The service optimizes the organization of meetings, and is easy to use.

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