About dSTAR Lab

dSTAR Lab founders hail from cutting-edge military units, where they were faced with the challenge to manage information in dynamic environments under strict security requirements, utilising and developing military grade solutions and technologies.

Our mission is to lead the world of digital communication into the upcoming era of Society 5.0, where innovative technologies such as IoT, AI and Distributed Computing will be helming the forefront of the digital world.

dSTAR Lab’s vision is to create the ecosystem needed to enable a digital circular economy where anyone (people, smart devices and services) can exchange information and value, and can offer their services or goods on a decentralized digital marketplace.

dSTAR strives to provide secure and intelligent communications technology (based on Web3.0 and Web4.0 principles) by which people, services and devices can communicate with each other, collaborate and exchange value.

distribution, Security, Trust, Anonymity, Reliability, combined with simplicity, innovation, transparency and efficiency.

Our history

dSTAR Lab Timeline

We’ve built a market-leading product that’s making work easier for thousands of people around the world.

Who we Are

Our Team

Behind every great product there is a great team, and we have the best. Here at dSTAR Lab we rounded up some of the best minds we could muster! Working tirelessly with a team of dedicated, hard-working and charming individuals to bring you a game-changing smart communication platform of the future!

Meet the Team

Executive Team

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”
- Warren Bennis

  • Haim Dror

  • Semion T.

  • Max K.

  • Dominic G.

  • Nadia C.

    HR Manager
  • Anna C.

  • Shay R.

    Collaboration Team Leader
  • Valeriy R.

    Backend Team Leader
  • Alexey L.

    System & Infrastructure Team Leader
  • Stanislav K.

    Database Team Leader
  • Nikolay B.

    Desktop Team Leader
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