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We bring you dSTAR iCommunicator! A highly secure messaging platform for all your communication and collaboration needs. Chat, share files, make conference calls, send Emails and enhance your productivity safely and easily.


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What is dSTAR iCommunicator?

Our platform is a highly secure digital communication tool, specially designed around security to make sure all your sensitive information won’t fall into the wrong hands. All information transmitted through the platform is encrypted using 2-layer encryption and includes some nifty features we added to further enhance your level of security. It supports a variety of different messaging means like Instant Messaging, audio/video calls, Push-to-Talk, Email, file sharing and more in order answer all your needs provide a holistic communication experience.

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Main Features of Our Messenger

dSTAR in a Box is based on a “Cloud-in-a-Box” solution, where you provide the physical hardware and network, and we provide the software bundle and virtual environment.

  • Secure Chat
    Private and group chats, with some unique messaging options such as disappearing, hidden and flickering messages
  • Secure Email
    An integrated email module. Emails between dSTAR users are fully end-to-end encrypted
  • Rooms
    Make high quality video calls and conferences with up to 6 participants
  • Translator
    Tear down the language barrier by translating your messages manually or automatically from a wide range of over 200 languages
  • Secure PTT
    Stream your audio messages in real-time with our unique walkie-talkie like feature
  • Notes
    A handy feature for users to create their own notes and personal reminders, and even attach them with files
  • Drive
    Personal cloud storage space for your files, media and messages, all end-to-end encrypted on a secure cloud server
  • Audio Calls
    Reliable, high quality online calls with an unlimited number of participants

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