dSTAR AWS Solution

Modern digital life dictates certain rules for team collaboration, which requires insurance of data and metadata been transmitted, shared and consumed in secure, comprehensive and managed manner. That’s where dSTAR comes in with a unique infrastructure that provides distributed, secure, trusted, anonymous and reliable way of communication with collaborates as well as control over the environment, tasks emulation, exchange data, objects securely and much more.

Main Features

All Communication Means In One Pack

  • Messenger
    A secure instant messenger that provides all you need to manage private and group messaging
  • Audio Calls
    Make high-quality, end-to-end encrypted audio calls, based on WebRTC technology for faster, safer and more reliable peer-to-peer connection
  • Rooms
    Make high quality video calls with up to 7 other participants. Just like in the audio calls, it’s based on WebRTC and end-to-end encrypted
  • Notes
    A handy feature for users to create their own notes and personal reminders, and even attach them with files
  • Messenger
  • Messenger
  • Messenger
  • Messenger
  • Messenger
  • Messenger
  • Messenger
  • Messenger
  • Email
    A customizable, multi-account email module that allows you to create your very own email domain, as well as to manage accounts’ inboxes conveniently in one place. All emails sent between dSTAR users are fully end-to-end encrypted
  • Cloud Storage
    A cloud storage space hosted on your company server in which all stored information and files are encrypted
  • Backup & Restore
    A specially designed backup mechanism for ensuring that all user information can be easily recovered and safely stored as an end-to-end encrypted file
  • Push-To-Talk
    Stream your audio messages in real-time with our unique walkie-talkie like feature
  • Flickering Messages
    Messages that blink and flicker in order to disrupt anyone from taking snapshots or screenshots of your display
  • Audio Messaging
    Easily record and send audio messages
  • File Sharing
    Send videos, images, files, and other media
  • Auto Translate
    An integrated translation service, that supports a wide range of over 200 languages. The translator is customizable, and allows users to translate manually per message, or to translate all messages automatically
  • Hidden Messages
    The content of these messages is kept hidden until its manually revealed to protect them from curious eyes
  • Disappearing Messages
    You determine the lifetime of your messages, after which they vanish, never to be seen again
Advanced Features

Unique Benefits of Our Messenger

A secure instant messenger that provides all you need to manage private and group messaging. It allows you to control the content and how users would consume it

  • Press-To-Show Hidden Messages
  • Face-Recognition Hidden Messages
  • Disappearing Messages
  • Forward Permission
  • Copy Permission
  • Screenshot Permission
  • Message Received Notification
Who we are

dSTAR Design Principles:

  • Federation
  • Separation
  • Collaboration

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