dSTAR Internet of things (IoT) – is dSTAR Lab’s solution for anyone who wishes to control and manage their smart devices in an easy and secure manner. By using our RaspberryPi IoT controller, coupled with the iCommunicator mobile app, you’ll be able to control your smart devices effortlessly.

Want to turn on the light? Watch TV? Monitor the fridge? Well, now there’s no need to download all these devices’ dedicated apps. You can do it simply and intuitively with dSTAR

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Main Features

Main Possibilities

Complete control through communication with the Bot

  • Controller
    Software that provides the ability to manage your smart devices and runs on your RaspberryPi.
  • Devices
    The smart things you own and can connect to dSTAR IoT
  • Smart Panel
    User friendly admin panel, that helps you to manage your network of connected devices
  • dSTAR Bot Admin
    Fine tuning of many parameters, especially access rights
Main Features

Benefits of using dSTAR IoT

Receiving photos from all camera that are connected to the controller provides totally understanding of what happens at your own place or office

  • Remote Cameras
    Using dSTAR IoT you not only can connect to any camera in the network, but also give them tasks: take a snapshot, record a video, zoom and rotate, etc.
  • Single Point of Control
    Our platform eliminates the need to use multiple apps for multiple smart devices. Now you can manage everything in one app that binds together all smart devices in your home.
  • Speech & Text Commands
    Want to turn on the TV, adjust the oven temperature, or dim the lights? Just send a text message or voice the command in you language of choice to our integrated Bot!
  • Cross Vendor
    SONY? Samsung? Bosch? It doesn’t matter which company manufactured your devices. Our IoT Controller knows how to interact with device made by almost any vendor out there.
  • Establish the Rules
    Automate your connected devices’ behaviour according to the rules you’ve made. Want the lights to turn on every night at 19:00? Done. Want the AC to start only when the room temp. is above 30 degrees? No problem. Your house, your rules!
  • Divide and Conquer
    Set up different zones of your home for more efficient automation. You can define different rooms, floors, and houses.
Easy To Use

How it Works

  1. Purchase
    Purchase necessary hardware (Raspberry Pi 3 / 4).
  2. Install
    Install dSTAR IoT software using provided install manager on the RaspberryPi. Install dSTAR iCom on your mobile device. Link IoT Bot via QR code using “Link Device” section in setting of the dSTAR iCommunicator
  3. Download
    Download the software on an SD card and insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi.
  4. Open
    Open the dSTAR iCommunicator and wait for a message from the integrated bot.

Let’s Get Started

Download dSTAR Install Manager as a first step to get the dSTAR IoT software.

High end security

A Seamless Solution

dSTAR IoT has been built based on OpenHAB home automation platform. Using OpenHAB, unique and sophisticated platform, as a foundation, we have enriched it with dSTAR’s secure WebRTC communication channel and added features. That is how we got ultimate IoT controlling system. But we did not stop there and have embedded it in dSTAR iCommunicator so our users may get everything within one app.

We see it as an important puzzle piece in the iCommunicator, as it brings us one step closer to our vision - a truly smart communication experience in which users and smart devices can all understand and interact with one another on a decentralized network.

  • Recording to virtual storage
    Less space for video and no SD card rewrite cycles
  • WebRTC communication
    Take totally control over your home and office at the real time
  • OpenHab solution
    Don`t think about the complex configuration of each device and the choice of a single company to create anecosystem, manage over 1000 devices via dSTAR iCommunicator
  • Creating own user cases
    Support for big amount of devices and interaction between them hence manage your smart things as you like