dSTAR in a Box - Private communication, anywhere

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A secure solution for all your data storage and communication with colleagues, customers and partners – all in the cloud

Keep conversations and data private with dSTAR in a Box.

We are in a data-centric era. Enterprises need to rethink the way they store and compute data as well as communicate with employees, customers and partners. The increasing incidents of sophisticated hacking attacks and breaches in popular video communication platforms have compromised both user security, and privacy.

Understandably, not all companies want to outsource the storage of their most valuable asset. Or deploy complex and expensive software where they can’t control the features and tools that best fit their needs. Traditional storage and communication solutions are not designed to cope with these new challenges. dSTAR in a Box delivers seamless scalability, consistent security and efficiency – components that are the foundation of a sustainable enterprise infrastructure, and are fundamental to supporting future data storage and communication needs.

In the digital age, when the going gets tough, the tough migrate to the cloud. But there’s a little bit more to it than that. As more businesses are turning to the cloud to drive efficiency, deploy a virtual, scalable environment and deliver on the demands of today's digital-first consumer, you can’t experience the full benefits of the cloud for communications without complete control over your digital sovereignty.

Unlike many communication channels available today, dSTAR in a Box is a new platform that is fully secured end-to-end. dSTAR in a Box is an optimal solution for any team or business that wishes to conduct its operation in a private and closed environment. It supports both office work and remote work, as it can operate either on local networks, enterprise networks or public networks.

As we are moving towards a versatile, remote work model – now, more than ever, scalability, agility, security, efficiency, and virtualization plays a central and growing role. dSTAR in a Box was developed to bring global reach to both digital and traditional enterprises and help to bridge the gap between the two.

Its unique infrastructure of a software package that’s based on a private Cloud-in-a-Box solution enables enterprises of any size to scale quickly and affordably, and deploy a localized service on a global scale. Easily provisioned and locally installed, dStAR in a Box runs on any type of hardware or mobile appliance.

dSTAR in a Box is developed with the goal to align communication, security and data storage in a single vertical to reduce the risk exposure inherent to common cloud-based applications. Thus solving these security risks with unmatched encryption capabilities, scalability and an easy-to-use interface for the modern workplace.