Communications in a Remote Work Environment!

11 min read

As workplaces evolve, so should the communication solutions that support them

dSTAR in a Box sees communication, project management and data backup technology as the key remote-work technologies in our world today

There is a pressing need for sophisticated array of technologies to meet employers’ and remote employees' needs for secure, productive ways to stay connected. As a result, the market for video conferencing programs, file-sharing platforms, and project management and time-tracking tools has exploded. But how effective can a remote work environment be when such important components of day-to-day operations are fragmented across multiple platforms, solutions and programs?

The answer is obvious – not too much.

The focus of modern communication should be on adaptive analytics and secure data-access technologies to help employees who work from home, and create secure coworking spaces in a virtual context.

dSTAR in a Box utilizes analytics and secure data access as key developments to support remote work. We envisioned it as a Cloud-in-the-Box solution that enables remote employees to access the corporate work environment as if they were in the office.

It is about bridging the gap between the in-office experience and the remote workplace, particularly for operational staff and customers. Given the prominence of collaboration-based industries, having a ready-to-deploy, scalable and fully encrypted solution for audio and video communication, data storage and backup, and integrated email functions cannot be overemphasized.

dSTAR in a Box essentially works like a “Cloud in a Box”, utilizing elements from cutting edge open source platforms. The infrastructure is Docker and Kubernetes based, which makes an optimal platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operating application containers across clusters of hosts.

We understand that secure data access is often swept under the rug in communications between remote teams. But the truth is that a remote work workplace cannot exist without securing internally sensitive information. Especially in services industries and management-level employee classifications, the data being handled is proprietary and requires mutual trust between employees and the employer as well as between customer and company.

Relying on separate solutions to transmit and unify data is a headache in today’s digital domain. The next step in workflow automation and securing communication across all channels is to bring everything under one user experience. And that is exactly what dSTAR in a Box essentially does.

A single optimal solution for any team or business that wishes to remain online while retaining its operation in a private and closed environment.