Exclusive Messenger for Schools and Colleges

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Nowadays, messengers are becoming increasingly popular due to the latest events in the world caused by COVID-19. Some countries are still under lockdown, others - trying to return to a healthy life slowly. According to UNESCO, over 60% of the world’s student populations are not visiting school currently because they are closed. Thus, many schools and colleges started to think about creating a platform of their own for communication, which will allow them to keep in touch with students and provide a decent level of remote studying. In this case, the dSTAR Lab can help you.

dSTAR School Messenger Solution

The school messenger needs to maintain a full educational process. dSTAR messenger can be used not only for exchanging messages but with the help of it, students could initiate audio and video calls, hold video conferences, share images and documents. Schools can create their environment where they would be able to add some features needed explicitly for them. Communication among teachers, students, parents, and school staff can reach a new level.

With dSTAR, you can also solve the tasks in organizing modern education’s communication processes more effectively:

  • notification system for chosen groups;
  • ability to control attendance;
  • setting assignments for students and review it after they’re done;
  • managing control and distribution of access to functionality and data for various user groups;
  • monitoring school fees and much more.

dSTAR iCommunicator could also eliminate your dependency on external servers, cloud services, and the Internet itself! All you need is a functioning Local Area Network, to which all devices that use the platform need to be connected. However, it can work with any type of network or server, cloud, or on-premises.

Simple School Management System

Using your private school messenger, you can combine all communications in one place. This will significantly optimize and reduce the running costs of the school. Parents will be able to keep abreast of their children’s attendance and academic performance and be aware of emergencies anytime, anywhere. Foreign language lessons will be even more understandable for pupils since a built-in translator is in the messenger.

College and University Messenger

College students can communicate and learn together using a messenger that is designed exceptionally for their university. All communications can be done through the application. Professors will be able to send students both group and personal messages or assignments. If necessary, you can also embed additional individual functionality required for the college in dSTAR.

How to Order the Development of a Messenger in dSTAR Lab?

Create your messenger in one click. Firstly, you need to make a list of the required functionalities and contact the sales manager of the dSTAR Lab. There is no need to spend time searching for programmers, designers, and several specialists with us. dSTAR takes care of everything!

We will prepare a personal proposal for the White Label Solution, including developing a messenger, an individual design with the possibility of using our own logo, colors, fonts, etc. With the help of the admin panel, you can fully customize the app. If necessary, receive technical support from our highly qualified specialists at any time.

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