Five Secure Features Every End-To-End Encrypted Messenger Should Include

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For every person, small business, or large corporation data security is a guarantee of safety, privacy, and confidence in the future. During the past years, data protection made its way from just a legal necessity to a vitally important imperative both in personal and business life.

That’s because cyberattacks and massive data leakages became commonplace in our time and very few companies or software providers can boast about the security of their products or surroundings. Thus, in 2020 more than seven hundred million people were affected by cybercrime and the financial damage is projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Businesses of all sizes, local enterprises, and random individuals as well as market giants such as Facebook, Nintendo, Twitter, Zoom, Marriot, Microsoft often experience severe data leakages, database breakages, and ransomware attacks.

Since the majority of people are strongly connected to those cyber giants or one way or another entrust their personal information to smaller, ubiquitous companies or service/software providers, those attacks result in large financial losses, violation of self-organized social business communities, and privacy invasion.

How a Well-Protected Messenger Can Secure Users’ Life?

Messengers are the most common and often-used type of applications and exactly to them people entrust the most personal and important information about regular life and business. That’s why it is very important to choose a well-protected and reliable messenger which includes the following five most effective security features.

1. End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption means that a sent message or information can be decrypted only by a receiver. In other words, end-to-end encrypted chats, video, and audio channels exclude any possibility that data could be viewed or read by third parties or attackers.

2. Protected Audio and Video Calls

Calling software often neglects security, giving the advance to calling quality, user-friendliness, and affordability. But since all types of calls are a very important part of everyday communication, end-to-end encrypted comm channels are crucial for every safe messenger.

3. Disappearing, Hidden, and Flickering Messages

The opportunity to send information in hidden form, while no one has access to it, except your interlocutor, can stand in good stead for everyone. No matter what a person does in his life, he would like to have the possibility to send messages in hidden form, so no stranger will see what’s inside.

4. Hidden Group History and Group History Synchronization

When you bring someone new into a group chat, whether it is a work or regular chat, there could be a strong need to reveal or hide a chat’s history. Also, group history synchronization may help to save old messages and information and make group history visible on all logged-in devices. End-to-end encrypted app structure should keep all data protected and safe.

5. Backup

Backup is a handy feature that helps to keep your private information safe and secured. Backup can help to restore previously saved data. Encryption, as a characteristic feature, makes this data inaccessible to attackers.

dSTAR iCommunicator – A Messaging App Which Meets All Your Security Needs

dSTAR iCommunicator is a relatively new but highly intelligent application that includes a list of security features providing a high-grade protection level to its users. Privacy, efficiency, and user-friendliness are the main directions in which this application was developed. And a user seeking protection from cybercrime will find all needed features, from end-to-end encryption and unified backups to bio-hidden messages and encrypted cloud storage.

dSTAR iCommunicator is aimed at the protection of its users. Anyone can experience and achieve an amazing level of security and assurance by joining the dSTAR’s community and becoming a part of a sustainable and safe ecosystem.

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