Secure Messaging App for Governments & Security Institutions

10 min read

The government and state security services need a highly reliable and secure communication system for exchanging messages between their employees: whether it's calls, text messages, or file transfers with restricted access at different levels of confidentiality.

With the latest data breach incidents (Twitter hack, Cambridge Analytica leak), internet users are concerned about the security issue. However, dSTAR is rightfully recognized as one of the safest communication systems used in a private environment. The app is based on end-to-end data encryption protocol and, unlike public messengers, does not store any messages or users data on their servers.

How to protect yourself from hacking and eavesdropping?

There are many secure messengers to choose from, but the safest way to ensure complete confidentiality is to use a personal communication system where control belongs to the owner of an institution.

At dSTAR, we developed a high tech product that provides the ultimate solution for public organizations and government infrastructures. White Label Solution allows state establishments to create personalized system with vast settings to customise it (institution name, logo, colors, fonts, ringtones, and branding).

What are the benefits of using dSTAR?

  • Secure chatting, p2p and groups, voice and video HD calls;
  • Simple deployment on a government owned servers;
  • Application could be published on Google Play and App Store as hidden (anonymous) or public;
  • System could be deployed as totally stand alone with no access to it from dSTAR Lab or other third parties. The system will only work with your IP addresses.
  • Upon the request, it is possible to implement additional system capabilities and apps according to the client's personal needs.

As a result, you get an individual application for group communication with many advanced functions like messaging, audio calls, video conferences, e-mail client, PTT, and implementing any settings, new features, or integrations necessary for your institution.

What's more, the dSTAR app’s logic is based on a multi-level encryption scheme in which data is not stored on cloud servers, so neither application nor third parties can interfere with your private communication. It allows you to ensure complete confidentiality and the authenticity of calls and messages even in the most vulnerable or hostile networks.

Take care of your security processes, order dSTAR White Label Solution.