Small Business Communication Solutions

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Modern business is based on communication: internal - within the company, external - with customers, suppliers, contractors, media, etc. In order to run business processes smoothly, communication flow must be built correctly.

Communication within a company goes two ways: vertically - between managers and subordinates and horizontally - between employees of one organizational level or between departments. Thus, for effective operation of any company, quick resolution of business issues, and fulfillment of employees’ duties, communication must be well organized at all levels.

Technology and Business Communication

Communication technologies are changing rapidly and vastly used in any business. Thanks to e-mail, messengers, social networks, we are able to instantly contact any person we need at any time, get the necessary information, and, as a result, complete tasks and make decisions faster. Geographic location and time zones are no longer a limit for communication: thanks to technology, information is exchanged expeditiously, even between working groups located in different parts of the world. Such cooperation increases the efficiency and effectiveness of any company.

Over the past years, a wave of innovative developments has significantly transformed the market for communication solutions. Small and medium-sized businesses got access to technologies which only large corporations could afford thanks to new products in the Voice Over IP sector.

dSTAR Lab offers the dSTAR in a Box intelligent business communication system. A novel software package that’s based on a private Cloud-in-a-Box solution. It is simple in deployment, running on any hardware or mobile appliance. Featuring full functionality: high-security level audio/video calls, data transfer functions, e-mail client, and secure wireless communication, dSTAR in a Box provides an easy-to-use solution for small businesses. Reach necessary information anywhere and anytime, improve business flexibility, and communicate via end-to-end encrypted channels. dSTAR keeps up to date, do you?

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