The Most Secure Video Conferencing App in 2020

11 min read

Nowadays, many users prefer to use video calls more often than regular voice calls due to how simple and convenient they are to initiate thanks to modern apps. Also, because you can see your counterpart, no matter how far, turning the conversation into a more genuine and profound experience.

Video calls in 2020 are so widespread that the video chat application market allows you to answer your conferencing needs in both personal and business aspects.

Today, Skype and Zoom are among the leading services for video communication and conferences. Unfortunately, some recently found security vulnerabilities found in these systems brought into question their level of reliability for the corporate sector, as many of their business clients became aware that by using these services, their sensitive information has been jeopardized.

But time passes, and more worthy competitors entered the game. One such competitor is a product developed by dSTAR Lab Ltd.

dSTAR iCommunicator is a secure messaging system that allows users to communicate through secure messaging, audio and video calls, email, and a unique push-to-talk feature. Every user of the iCommunicator receives their own private cloud storage space that’s integrated into the application. All means of communication are end-to-end encrypted to ensure the highest level of privacy for all its users.

Features and functionalities provided by the iCommunicator:

Participate in fast, high quality audio calls with multiple people!

Participate in video calls with friends, colleagues and entire business teams using reliable and high-quality video connection!

  • Private & Group Chats - The next generation of messengers, that includes a variety of messaging options, such as disappearing messages, hidden messages, and flickering messages that we added for you to protect your messaging content and information.

  • Audio Calls 

  • Rooms (Video Conferencing)

  • Translator - Tear down the language barrier! Translate your messages to and from a wide range of supported languages automatically!

  • dSTAR Drive - Private cloud storage space for storing your files and messages.

  • Push-To-Talk - Dedicated channels for instant voice messaging. Stream your voice directly to the recipient, just like a walkie-talkie!

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