Vanish Mode: Technology Explained

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Online communication plays a vital role both in the business and private life of humanity. Being in great demand, today's communication services offer various features intended to increase the comfort and security of their users. Therefore, they developed a vanish mode designed to limit all sent messages’ lifetime, whether it is a text, media file, or sticker. Thus, if you send a message using vanish mode, it will self-destruct and disappear from the chat thread, leaving no trace.

The Idea Behind Vanish Mode

Vanishing messages constrains the time message that remains visible to save the trouble of manually cleaning the chat log. That allows users to send texts, photos, voice messages, emojis, and stickers that disappear automatically. Such messages will fade as soon as they are seen, and you leave the chat. Disappeared messages are unreachable for strangers, whether it’s occasional eavesdropping or malicious hacking attempt. Using this mode, you can control which information should remain on your device and which shouldn’t.

It is beneficial for people who are exchanging confidential information regularly. Middle-staff employees, CEOs, social workers, etc., exchange many messages that include financial details, personal data, and sensitive information like passport info, telephone numbers, social security numbers, etc.

Vanish mode safeguards your privacy. If the interlocutor takes a screenshot of your one-on-one chat, you will receive immediate notification. Facebook was a pioneer in launching these secure messages. Although it was made “to live at the moment” in private life, it has gained wide popularity in the business environment too. 

How to start using a secure type of message on Instagram and Facebook?

Swipe up while chatting to enter Vanish Mode on social networks. The black background of the conversation indicates that the message self-destruct mode is on. To switch to standard mode, swipe the thread back.

What’re the Core Benefits of Vanish Mode?

Whether it is business or personal life, we sometimes need to send messages which will be self-destructed over a short period of time. That’s why the core benefits of vanish mode are intuitively understandable for the majority:

  1. Security.
    Sensitive information that needs to be shared but shouldn’t be stored on devices constitutes a considerable part of our everyday lives. In case when your device gets hacked, strangers won’t be able to access vanished information.
  2. Privacy.
    Vanish mode is a great tool to separate what you would like to be saved in a chat dialog. This feature gives the user additional control and the ability to restrict exchanged data.
  3. Ease of Use. 
    Vanish mode could be turned on with a few taps, and its usage doesn’t require any specific knowledge.

Disappearing Messages - A Great Alternative Provided by dSTAR iCommunicator

dSTAR iCommunicator, a highly secure and multi-dimensional platform for independent and inviolable communication. With its disappearing type of DRM messages, it offers a decent alternative to vanish mode. 

dSTAR’s disappearing messages have all listed above benefits of vanish mode messages. To send a disappearing message, simply choose a file, photo, or message you want to share with your interlocutor, and before attaching it, select the clock hand icon, then press the “send button.” 

On the images below, you can see how it works: 

Moreover, dSTAR offers a broader range of messaging options: flickering, disappearing, pass-, and bio-hidden messages.

Vanish mode is an excellent tool for business people and individuals. But dSTAR’s extended functionality fortifies the cybersecurity and privacy of every user because it was designed with security at its core. 

dSTAR iComm allows managing your digital rights with ease. The communication platform provides freedom of choice and doesn’t collect your private data. Download dSTAR, and it will guide you into the cybersecurity world!

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