Video Conferencing Solution for Small Business

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It is impossible to imagine work routine without daily or at least weekly face-to-face meetings and video conferences between the staff and company management. Visualization of the work process and personal attendance are essential in terms of current corporate policy.

Why Is Video Conferencing So Important Nowadays?

Some might not have realized how many ways of conducting business have changed in the past years. Enterprises are building up a «remote» character, departing from face-to-face meetings and frequent work trips. Considering the continuous COVID-19 pandemic, the need for optimal video conference solutions has risen tremendously. Mostly because modern ways of conducting business require visual attendance of each staff member, but also because video conferencing is a very effective and useful means of communication. Widespread digitalization, technological progress, increasing civic role of messengers, and messaging apps such as Zoom, Skype, and other software products prove that.

Small business suffers the most nowadays because of stiff competition, recent COVID-19 pandemic, and their vulnerability to attackers. Visual conferencing and audio calls constitute the basis of small businesses’ work routines. It is the handiest way to unite a limited number of participants to address the most critical issues, develop partnerships, or have a client conversation.

What May Be the Video Conferencing Solution for Small Businesses?

Video meetings satisfy numerous needs that any organization has. For example, the improvement of human connections, management simplification, and communication processes help to speed up and establish an enterprise’s internal structure. Plus, the company’s staff, partners, and clients save a lot of time to travel. If the company’s partners or clients are located in a foreign country, video conferencing would be a key to fast and efficient communication «without the borders».

A good, secured, and trustworthy conferencing application can be the key to improvement and market success. Any company cares about the safety of information and personal data. That’s why a messaging app should be oriented toward the protection and privacy of its users. The dSTAR iCommunicator was developed to provide the highest level of corporate security.

Various unique features make it the most secure messenger app for small businesses. Firstly, the dSTAR doesn’t store any user’s information on its servers which are the main aims for attackers who want to steal personal data. Secondly, end-to-end encrypted connections between users provide total security and privacy.

Besides, from the technological point of view, the dSTAR app can meet any enterprise’s aspirations regarding digital and voice quality, technical reliability, performance, and user experience.

The dSTAR iCommunicator could be a video conferencing solution for small businesses for many reasons, but security, end-to-end encrypted comm channels, and usability are the main of them.