dSTAR White Label Solutions

dSTAR Lab offers its flagship platform, iCommunicator, as a white label solution to any company or organization that wishes to rebrand it and use it as its own. By rebranding the software, you can add your very own logos, designs, functionalities and other customizations! All of this allows you to leverage our platform’s advantages according to your specific needs.


Benefits of White Label Software

Your logo
  • Add your company colors, logo and style
  • Add, remove or modify features as you see fit for your company’s needs
  • Save valuable time and resources on coding, design and deployment - we can do it for you
  • Full maintenance & technical support from the dSTAR Lab team
  • Multi-platform - on your mobile device or on your desktop, you can use it anywhere
UX/UI design
  • An all-encompassing communication solution that includes chat, email, PTT, video conferencing, and much more
  • Protection for your business with our top-notch security and encryption modules
  • Can operate on cloud, private cloud or on-premises
  • New innovative features are added by dSTAR all the time, and as they’re published, you can enjoy them too
  • Collaborate easily with your staff, team, clients, or anyone else to enhance your productivity and regain control of your communication

A Complete Set of Features

dSTAR Lab’s iCommunicator was specially designed to meet all of your communication needs, and so it packs a robust list of messaging options.

  • Audio & Video Calls
    Fast, reliable and high quality audio or video calls using WebRTC technology to ensure a secure and smooth user experience
  • Chats
    A next-generation messenger that packs some unique abilities! It supports special types of secure messages
  • Video Conferencing
    Make high quality video calls and conferences with up to 5 participants
  • Email Client
    A customizable, multi-account email module that allows you to create your very own email domain, as well as to manage accounts’ inboxes convinienty in one place
  • Backup & Restore
    A specially designed backup mechanism for ensuring that all user information can be easily recovered and safely stored as an end-to-end encrypted file
  • Translation
    Tear down the language barrier by translating your messages manually or automatically from a wide range of over 200 languages
  • Push To Talk
    Stream your audio messages in real-time with our unique walkie-talkie like feature
  • Drive
    Personal cloud storage space for your files, media and messages, all end-to-end encrypted on a secure cloud server
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Make a Difference in Your Team

We at dSTAR Lab believe that in teamwork, the most important element is communication. With good communication the team is more productive, focused, and driven. It’s around this belief that we designed the iCommunicator - in order to improve and empower team collaboration. We also know that one team differs from another, and each has specific methods, purposes, and needs. That’s why we made our platform so highly scalable, flexible and customizable. You don’t need to invest the vast amounts of time and expenses into developing such software, because we already did. Just use it as your own, and let it help your team achieve its goals.

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