White Label Communication Platform for Businesses

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The need to create your own or corporate messenger arises when you already have hundreds, or even thousands of contacts with whom you constantly communicate. At times, you might even need to let customers communicate with each other. And not just writing text messages or making calls, but creating groups, sending photos, videos and files… The same  things that we do daily on platforms like Skype, Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp.

In the case when you just need to organize work and interact with clients, platforms for omnichannel communication are a suitable solution: they allow you to combine the flow of messages coming from different channels and respond in a single window interface. Together with chatbots, such platforms help to significantly increase the level of service and relieve contact center operators.

If you need to give customers the opportunity to communicate with each other within the framework of one closed platform or create a space for the safe transfer of confidential information, using public messengers is not the way to go. It is quite difficult to simultaneously administer an unlimited number of groups in public messengers and control the composition of participants and the information transmitted in groups.

In this case, messengers for business (MS Teams, Slack, Skype For Business, etc.) and open source projects such as RocketChat will come to the rescue. But who said that they best suit the needs of YOUR business? These platforms give what they offer, but what they offer is not necessarily in one line with what you need. Why interact with your customers or colleagues with a completely 3rd party platform when you can do so with a platform that is essentially, in a way, yours? Why not use a system that carries YOUR logo? That uses YOUR company colors? That supports features that YOUR users will find most useful? Well, with dSTAR Lab’s solution, you can.

dSTAR White Label Solutions

dSTAR Lab offers its flagship platform, iCommunicator, as a white label solution to any company or organization that wishes to rebrand it and use it as its own. By rebranding the software, you can add your very own logos, designs, functionalities and other customizations! All of this allows you to leverage our platform’s advantages according to your specific needs.

More information about dSTAR Lab’s White Label Solutions you can get at the URL