White Label Instant Messenger

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Whether it is a big, multimillion corporation or a private entrepreneur, the importance of communication and teamwork remains the same. It is impossible to imagine any modern business without a suitable, responsive-to-the-needs communication system. That’s why companies and business owners worldwide put a lot of effort into making full use of their communication systems. But do they meet all needs which modern businesses have?

Why Team Collaboration and Communication Tools Are So Important?

The importance of high-quality communication should never be underestimated. Only step-by-step, constant interaction allows to build proper business relationships between businesses and customers. That’s why a working, efficient and performable communication system is so important to any enterprise or a company.

Now, most companies employ ready-to-use services and applications which meet the most basic needs. Those needs usually include chat messaging, emailing, online calls, video conferences, etc. as they constitute a continuous, everyday process of communication. Media files exchange, as well as visual and verbal interaction, is also very important. But as a result, all these elements of the communication process create an almost insoluble dilemma – which services and software solution should a company adopt in order to satisfy its demands and create a stable, protected internal environment?

Today, as technological progress goes on and more technological features such as video conferencing, cloud storage, video/audio messages, etc. are becoming an integral part of the working environment, companies are forced to use multiple services to keep pace with it. Thus, messaging applications such as Skype, ZOOM, Viber or Facebook Messenger are only a few of numerous, commonly used applications.

Software like that helps to build the internal environment of an organization and strengthen the connections between team members, customer service providers, and executives. But this kind of software often doesn’t imply the right balance between functionality and security.

Also, all mentioned above products, as well as the great majority of others, either represent or incorporate third-party platforms which is not an unambiguously positive thing for a business. As a consequence, these factors create a demand for a white label, fully secured product that will provide a fully-fledged communication process and total security at the same time.

dSTAR White Label Software

A flagship product of dSTAR Lab – the dSTAR iCommunicator, can serve as a perfect white label solution for any company or enterprise. White label software has a lot of unquestionable advantages such as unique customization of the software’s design, the inclusion of the company’s colors, logos and the overall adjustment to the company’s needs.

One of the most important features of this product is that dSTAR Lab can install it on the company-owned servers. That means that all the information is kept under the company’s control. It’s a huge advantage because most of the popular communication platforms on the market are provided by commercial, worldwide corporations that struggle to collect as much information about the users as possible. Private information, that would have to be protected, is no exception.

All messages and information which will enter a closed dSTAR environment is end-to-end encrypted. That means that no third parties or even dSTAR Lab will have access to it.

Also, the user can add and manage existing features, as well as run the dSTAR iCommunicator on various devices such as a smartphone, laptop, etc. It is a product that provides complex protection thanks to multiple technological features and cutting-edge technology. End-to-end encrypted messaging chats, cloud storage and audio/video calls keep the user’s information under strong protection.

White label software, which provides multidimensional customization and end-to-end security, takes precedence over commonly used and accustomed services that are not totally secured and are unsuitable for a company, which needs its own, personalized and rebranded software.