Why dSTAR Is the Best Alternative to Viber?

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We use messengers daily, if not hourly. The average person spends thirty minutes a day on messengers and much more on social media. Numerous applications offer us their services, insisting that their technologies and distinguishing features are the best.

But even the most popular and widely used applications suffer tremendous setbacks from time to time or fail to meet the needs of customers and businesses worldwide, especially in terms of security and privacy.

Due to that, it is very important to define which messenger is the best in respect of security and reliability.

What Is Wrong with Most Popular Messengers and Why Users Are COncerned to Use Them?

The most popular messaging apps attract many users who share their personal information, financial details, and other types of various data.

Unfortunately, very few messengers could be considered safe and secure since numerous incidents of data leakage, information thefts and public scandals had occurred.

Thus, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world - Facebook, experiences frequent data thefts. Personal data of tens of thousands of users was compromised over the past few years. Viber, in turn, uses similar data protection technologies like Facebook and already experiences repeated hacking attempts. There are other concerning issues that could raise questions about Viber’s reliability and security. For example, there is a chance that an attacker could overhear the conversations of other users. Plus, this messenger could share available users’ data with third parties.

So What Is the Best Alternative to Messengers Such as Viber and Facebook?

Since we can’t live without messengers, there is a strong need to find the best alternative to common, widespread applications. Those messengers have proved to be unreliable in terms of security. A product that unites security, trustworthiness together with high-level performance can serve as an alternative to habitual messaging applications.

To define whether the app is reliable or not, a few basic characteristics should be examined:

  1. Security and reliability in terms of chats protection and encryption of all incoming and outgoing data and media files;
  2. Availability of end-to-end encrypted cloud storage that excludes the possibility of data theft;
  3. High level of performance that ensures user-friendliness and distinguishing functionality;
  4. Extensible functionality that provides various useful and handy services and features.

These are the points by which the best secured messenger could be defined. The dSTAR iCommunicator app is the perfect example of how a messenger could offer highly-performance and exceptional security at the same time. End-to-end encryption secures messaging and protects data saved in the cloud drives. Moreover, information is encrypted at the device of the user to remain fully protected at any time of transportation.

Besides, the dSTAR iCommunicator app doesn’t store its users’ information on the servers. This unique feature makes all passing information inaccessible to attackers.

It is hard to define the best alternative to habitual apps, but it is possible to choose the best one in terms of security, privacy, and performance. The dSTAR iCommunicator app can solve the intractable security issues and provide full, complex protection to its users.

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